Golden Girl Cocktail

This baby is the drama queen of cocktails. Deliciously tasty with ingredients but so sassy with its drama! And you probably guessed it, it is the glitter ice cubes that make this girl stand out. We were inspired by Samantha Wills’ gold collection and were also channeling Beyonce girl power vibes when we developed this. Now, little heads up. The glitter ice cubes look amazing, but you may want to drink this with a straw to avoid glitter lipstick everywhere ;)


Edible gold glitter (from cake decorating or specialty food stores)

5 thin slices of cucumber

Sprig of rosemary

1/4 of a grapefruit

30 ml of gin

Yellowglen Yellow


To make the Sparkling gold icecubes, freeze about 0.5 cm of water in the bottom of your icecube tray. Once set, add a little glitter and another 0.5 cm of water. Freeze. Top up the cubes till they are 1 cm from the top and freeze. Add some more glitter and another 0.5 cm of water then freeze again. Finally, add the last 0.5 cm of water and when this layer is frozen your cubes are ready!

In the bottom of your glass, muddle the cucumber with a few of the rosemary leaves. Squeeze in the grapefruit juice and add the sparkling gold icecubes. Pour in the gin and top up with Yellowglen Yellow.

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