Arabella’s Nursery

By Emma Hawkins.

I’m thrilled to show you our darling little Arabella’s nursery. Arabella came into the world at 6:42 pm on the 3rd of January weighing 8.5 pounds. She is a healthy little girl who is thriving and so far has been pretty easy on us. Of course, because it is me, and I seem to get every sh*t side effect associated with pregnancy I have had awful fluid retention and two batches of Mastitis, however, I feel like I am adapting motherhood really well and am honestly loving every moment. However, this is not about me and the pregnancy, this post is about the nursery!

I started the nursery when I was 7 months pregnant. I am a self-proclaimed control freak and love organisation, hence why I wanted to have the nursery completed by the end of 7-months. Tom and I didn’t know the sex of the baby, so I wanted to keep the nursery gender neutral and now I have a little princess I have already started to incorporate some pink.

The outfitting of the nursery was a collaboration between myself and local Geelong-based retailer and online store, Motherworld. It was really important for me to shop local, I love supporting local businesses and the best part of shopping at Motherwold was that I could get everything I wanted at the one spot and online. I simply spent one afternoon online and went through my list and then selected everything I needed, it was then delivered to my doorstep. It has also been very convenient to jump in the car and visit their Pakington St store and pick up some items that since having the baby, I now know I need.


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Some items featured in Arabella’s nursery include:


Cybex Priam 2in1 Light Seat (Happy Black) $1,799.99


Tasman Eco Capri 4 in 1 Cot Bed (White): $529.99


Munchkin Nappy Bin (White) $99.99


Childcare Cosy Time Sleeper (Grey) $249.99


Boori 3 Drawer Chest (White) $699.95


Oricom Baby Sense 2 Plus Secure Baby Montior $399.00