Checking out Clipsal by Schneider Electric

By Emma Clapham.

I will be the first to admit, when it comes to home electricals I know very little. However, we have recently been considering the idea of building or renovating so I am starting to explore all of the different options with home electrical and…. the budgets that are required (I hate the word budget). Clipsal Wishlist was recently  introduced to me by a friend who has just finished building and used their new home renovation called Wishlist.

Clipsal Wishlist is an online, self-service, electrical planning tool for consumers, offering discovery and control in planning and budgeting home electrical (pretty much everything you need) and it is super fun! It can be used either for consumers looking to plan their home renovations or to give guidance to their builder. Consumers are able to design their dream home electrical plan with Clipsal products either on their tablet or computer.

Consumers can select and place products on a house plan (loaded from a file, sketched using the app or selected from a library of typical house plans). They can then select an electrician from the app database and email their project plan to turn their plan into action. Alternatively, they can email their plan to a Clipsal Clipspec consultant for further discussion or a Powerhouse Display centre tour.

Take a look below at my little play with the app…. Seriously, even if you are not thinking about Home electricals at the moment, download the app and have a play because it’s so much fun.

clip 3Clipclip 4clip 5clip 2

More info or to try it yourself head to….