Spring Beauty Boxes

By Sarah Scott.

Spring – the season of new life when fun things start happening again. Things that involve outdoor marquees, ladies days out and a good excuse to wear floaty floral frocks and hats. Maybe even Italian men in white jackets pouring you drinks and..….let’s leave what happens in that scenario up to you.

I pass no judgment on your dalliances with handsome butlers; that said, I do expect that you will have your spring skincare routine prepared, so that when fun things start happening you are ready for action with glowing and glorious skin, top to toe.

‘How will I have time to do this when I have to come up with a whole carnival’s worth of outfits?’ I hear you ask. Never fear, Natural Supply Co is here to help you! We have put together a Spring Beauty Box with eight lovely health and beauty products to sample from some of our favourite brands. As with all Natural Supply Co products, the goodies in our Spring Beauty Boxes are all natural, contain no baddies for your skin and are not tested on animals.

spring beauty box

Ok, so what exact goodness is contained in these boxes? We are giving Who Loves That readers an exclusive sneak peek at what’s inside. Let’s discuss in the order I would suggest you start your spring-ready beauty routine.

As always, we start from the inside out with:

1 x packet Matcha Maiden 100% Pure Green Tea Powder, sourced from the lush hills of Kyoto, this superpower powder is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making it great to add to your morning smoothies. Some of the benefits of green tea include clearer skin, enhanced metabolism and higher energy levels. Hmmm, all things that might come in handy for spring flings.matcha maiden image

Next exfoliate with:

1 x half size Face & Body Exfoliant from the amazing vegan skincare brand Musq Cosmetics. This divine smelling exfoliant will revitalize your winter skin using gentle minerals along with rose, rice and clay to renew, polish and leave a radiant glow.


Then hydrate with:

1 x 50ml bottle of Shimmering Body Milk from skincare brand, Anise Botanicals. This light body lotion nourishes with shea butter and sweet almond oil and is easily absorbed. The best bit is it contains a delicate shimmer to create a subtle glow. Actually the best bit is really its heady floral scent of Italian Neroli oil so your Italian waiter will feel right at home.

shimmering body lotion

Onto the face with:

1 x mini jar of DNA Elements Silica Mask is all you need to draw out built-up toxins and impurities gently from the skin. Silica regenerates the skin by aiding in the synthesis of elastin and collagen which keep skin plump and dewy. It gives a deep clean feel but as with any mask, use well in advance of any event to give your skin time to clear any impurities that are brought out.silica face mask

Next create an even finish with:

1 x sample size La Mav BB Crème. Hurray! Australia’s first organic BB Crème. A double duty hero that contains a natural mineral sunscreen and a colour-adaptive formula suitable for all skin types that provides effective coverage and corrects imperfections. It is also easy and quick to apply. The result? Your Italian will think you are blessed with flawless skin. More hurray!Organic-BB-Creme-by-La-Mav-Organic-Skin-Care__68917.1409257529.1280.1280


Give yourself some colour with:

1 x handy tin of Nilly + Booth Berry Vanilla Organic Cheek & Lip Stain. This multi tasker contains a naturally occurring dye that imparts a flush of colour to lips and cheeks. Another handbag essential to top up colour when you’re out and about. Bonus points because it makes your lips and cheeks smell delicious enough to eat. Enough said.


Ward off nasties with:

1 x 59ml (full size) spray bottle of Dr Bronner’s Hand Sanitiser which kills germs effectively without the use of the nasty chemicals found in conventional sanitisers. This is particulary good to have in your handbag during those times when you might have to….shudder…use the public facilities. It contains organic lavender oil so it can also be used as an air freshener or deodorant. I was going to say it could also be used to ward off any competitors for your chosen paramour with a quick spray to the eyes however I’m not one to condone wasting good products on lesser beings.

Dr Bronner's Organic Hand Sanitizer

Lastly but all importantly, get your beauty sleep before your event with:

1 x sample size Badger Balm Sleep Balm. Help calm any mind chatter by applying this rich night balm to your pulse points allowing sleep to come naturally. It contains organic essential oils such as rosemary for clear thinking, ginger for confidence-boosting and lavender as the traditional sleep herb. It also contains balsam fir, making it smell like a refreshing walk though a pine forest. I feel calmer just typing the words pine forest.

badger sleep balm


The Natural Supply Co Spring Beauty Boxes have a value of over $65 but you can order them here for only $36.95. There are only 75 of these babies and they are already available for pre-order so get your speedy on. Use the code SBB at checkout to get them shipped to your doorstep for free*.

Happy Spring Flinging!

Sarah x

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