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By Emma Clapham.

Whether it’s the entrance to your home or your bathroom, a good door makes a lasting first impression to those that pass through it.

To celebrate Dulux’s first Impression campaign I decided to treat this entrance door to a face lift. I opted for Dulux Aquanamel as unlike oil based enamels, Aquanamel won’t yellow over time, and is low odour, quick to apply and washed up in water instead of mineral turps.

Your front door is a chance to incorporate your personal style whilst getting a bit creative. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone when selecting a colour for your entry door. I chose Dulux Aquanamel ‘Perfect’ to really make the door POP in comparison to the rest of exterior. This home is surrounded by nature and the colour of the exteriors seamlessly tie in with its setting, however, this means the front door can get a little bit lost. The colour I used on the door gives it that extra something and creates that WOW first impression.

After I finished painting the door I added some seasonal plants to the ground which allows the door to POP even more, it also incorporates the natural settings of the home and gives the guests a gorgeous fresh scent on arrival. I then played around with different door mat options, including a pom pom rug to give the entrance some texture (it’s also a nice change from the standard door mat). Finishing the entrance off, I placed a ladder on the side as it complimented the other colours of the house and gives it a warm and inviting feel.

I hope this has given you some inspiration to get painting, here are a few more tips and tricks to help you along the way.

- Remove any cobwebs, dirt and scuff from your door and entrance.

- Before you paint give sand your door back and then using a cleaning cloth give it a good clean.

- Add a nice welcome mat.

- Add plants, herbs and a basket.

- Fire wood for decorative purposes is always one of my favourites.

- Use some old gumboots and place flowers or herbs in them.

- Hooks on the side of the house always look fabulous.

- If you have the space, set up a chair or table and chair setting that compliments the colour of the door.



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