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Winter Warmers for Winter Skin

By Sarah Scott.

It’s been a while and I am happy to say that I am back writing for Who Loves That but with some changes afoot. I have joined forces with an exciting new e-boutique called Natural Supply Co - your go-to for natural, organic and vegan products with a focus on beauty, skincare and the home. Celeste and Catherine are the gorgeous girls from Natural Supply Co who’ve asked me to join them on their mission to find products that are not only good for your skin and the planet but are also delightfully luxurious and effective.

So this month, I’d like to talk about my top 4 ways to look after your skin in winter and the products that can help.

1. Don’t neglect your lips:

Dry, flaky, chapped lips is my number one complaint in winter. I’m pretty sure having lips that resemble desiccated coconut is never going to get you kissed. Even if your significant other does loves a Bounty Bar every now and again. If you hate flaky lips like me then BITE Beauty’s 5 Night Fix For Lips will become your new best friend. It’s a lip duo that replenishes and revitalises in two easy steps before bedtime.

The first step is to use the Whipped Cherry Scrub Stick which will gently buff away any impurities using castor oil and fruit extracts. It’s best to use this in a circular motion to protect your delicate lip skin. Next step is the deluxe Agave Lip Mask which also contains Madagascan vanilla and you leave this lip mask on overnight to help repair your poor, parched lips.

Anything that does its job overnight while I am sleeping and then lets me wake up with healthy soft lips gets a tick from me. The best bit is it smells great, doesn’t contain any petroleum which can clog your pores and it also certified gluten free. Actually I think the real best bit is that it comes all packaged up in its own little jar. Love a good jar!

2. Moisturise your whole body, not just your face:

As we all know, our skin is our largest organ. So it goes without saying what you do to your face you should also do to your body. Exfoliation is the key to making the most of your moisturising routine. Expecting your skin to absorb any products through a layer of dead snakeskin is like trying to drink a martini through a sock. Do not waste your moisturiser or martini.

Dry brushing your body is a great way to remove dead skin build up and stimulate your lymphatic system which helps eliminate waste and toxins. Find an easy to follow guide to dry brushing here.

Once you’ve done that, you are ready to apply your favourite body moisturiser. A good option for winter is a body oil which will help seal in the moisture. DnA Elements have created the Raspberry Antioxidant Body Oil exclusively for Natural Supply Co and we are so excited to have this fabulous, all natural product. Its signature ingredient, raspberry seed oil, is packed with vitamins A and E to help repair and condition skin, It also contains macadamia nut oil which has one of the highest levels of palmitoleic acid, a vital ingredient for anti-aging skin regeneration. Whichever body oil you choose to use, it’s best to apply it to damp skin, e.g. after your bath or shower, for maximum absorption.

3. Layering your skincare:

We’ve talked about moisturising your body, now let’s look at the best way to look after your face. As stylist extraordinaire Renee Enright says, “Layering is the secret to stylish winter dressing”. Well so it is with skincare.

Try using a hydrating facial serum under your regular moisturiser. This gives your skin the extra layer it needs to combat the drying effects of cold winter air and indoor heating. Your skin gets more sensitive in winter so it is important to keep it well hydrated and warm.  You need the skincare equivalent of cashmere, high-quality warmth without the bulk.

MAHALO Skin Care Vitality Elixir is a powerful rejuvenating serum created in Hawaii from local oils and botanicals along with anti-ageing CoEnzyme Q10. Natural Supply Co co-founder Celeste, swears by this and loves that it makes her skin feel smooth and nourished but not oil-slicky.

 4. Protecting your immunity:

Unless you are lucky enough to jet away to more sunny climes when winter hits, we are all susceptible to the dreaded coughs and colds that this season brings. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your immune system strong. Herbal help is at hand with T-Totaler’s Immune Booster Tea. It’s 100% organically grown in Australia and combines the flu-fighting properties of echinacea, olive leaf, rosehip, calendula and aniseed myrtle. I do love a good cup of tea and this one not only tastes good but will help you to avoid or at least reduce the severity of the sniffles.

Keeping germs at bay is a never-ending war, particularly if, like I do, you share a house with a petri dish masquerading as a two-year old human child. Is there anything quite so relentless as toddler’s runny nose? I am quite literally making liquid gloves for myself with Lanolips new Antibacterial Hand Cream.  It is hospital-ly enough to kill 99.9% of germs but because it contains lanolin, it won’t strip your skin of its natural oils like most antibacterial gels do.  I love it because it is light but still feels like it gives me a proper moisture barrier and I live to fight the green nose war another day.

Of course, it goes without saying to keep drinking water, even if you don’t feel like it.

I hope this will give you a few tips to look after your skin through the next few months because as Jon Snow knows only too well, winter is upon us.

Love, Sarah XO