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48 Hours in Hobart

By Emma Clapham.

Last weekend one of my best friends and I experienced the beautiful Hobart. Here is how it went down.


7pm: Arrived at the RACV/RACT Hobart Apartment Hotel which is located in the heart of Hobart’s cultural city centre and is within easy walking distance to pretty much everything you need or want to see.

7:30pm: We went down stairs for a delicious dinner at RACV’s Charcoal. It has a warm, open atmosphere and a wood-fire which make the pizzas taste delicious!

9:00pm: Back upstairs to our apartment for an early night in, which resulted in us watching Cinderella in the living room of our apartment (such party animals)


9:00am: Bit of a sleep in for me, however, my friend Penny had to wake at 6am for a business phone call… I kicked her out of the apartment and made her go to the business conference centre in the RACV complex (bad friend, I know). We then went back down stairs for a buffet breakfast at Charcoal.

10:00am: Enjoyed a lovely five minute walk down to the Salamanca Markets and explored the stalls for a good few hours. It has everything you would expect in terms of soaps, candles, timber products, jewellery, spices, knits, the lot. However, one surprise was the coffee… Great Coffee!

12:00pm: Early lunch at Jackman and McRoss, a very cute bakery.

2:00pm: We indulged a little and went to the Savoy Day Spa’s for a treatment and to enjoy the baths… We didn’t feel too guilty about this, as the weather wasn’t great. However, if you are in Hobart and the weather is shining you could definitely miss this activity (As nice as it was) there is so much more to see.

5:00pm: We wandered down to the Frank Restaurant (the new IT place) for some drinks, the decor is amazing and apparently the food is fantastic too.

6:00pm: Back to RACV/RACT Hobart Apartment Hotel for our five course meal in the beautiful old Cascade stables building (which is now part of the RACV building). All the produce on the night was local and the wine was from Home Hill Wines and they were amazing

11:00pm: After a wonderful meal we dragged ourselves back up to the apartment for a good sleep.


8:30am: Packed our bags and left them in the lobby and had a quick breakfast at Charcoal.

9:30am: Boarded the very cool ferry to MONA! We were very excited (This is no ordinary ferry by the way).

10:00am to 3:00pm: Explored the amazing MONA gallery before we handed ourselves over to The Source staff (the restaurant at MONA) for a five course degustation meal. Our meal was a mix of modern and new creations that reflected the seasonal produce from Tasmania. They also paired our meals to some beautiful local and international wine.

3:30pm: We rolled out of the restaurant and went back on the ferry.

4:30pm: Picked up our bags and thanked all of the beautiful and friendly staff at the RACV Hotel for having us before we headed off to the airport and back home to Melbourne.

I wish we had longer to explore Hobart, however, a weekend was the perfect amount of time to eat, drink and explore the beautiful city. For those of you who are wishing to know more on what to do in Hobart, check out my friends TO DO LIST here.. 

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