By Emma Clapham.

Are you more Bondi or Portsea? Perhaps more Berlin than Bali? Or maybe you are more Hamptons than Paris? Introducing World of Style, Australia’s largest interiors and exteriors showroom that has recently launched in South Melbourne. World of Style is an innovative showroom concept developed by Porter Davis Homes, which gives people access to 2,000 square metres of fully immersive interior design.

This space was like a playground for me and I was truly blown away. I have never felt so inspired and more importantly so confident in wanting to build and design my own home. I was lucky enough to walk through the showroom with Porter Davis’ senior interior designer, Catherine Valente who explained what it was all about.

“Your style is not merely measured by the colour of the walls or new carpet.  The home should be the ultimate expression of its owners; it should be a reflection of where a person has travelled to, what they value in life and what they aspire to.  The interior should immediately speak to an individuals style upon entering their space” says Catherine.

“Our aim at World of Style was to create a world where you can walk in, drop your keys and start experiencing what life would be like in your dream home. We wanted it to be a totally immersive and sensory experience where our clients could touch it, feel it, see it and live it” Catherine added

I had always thought that building a new home would be an overwhelming experience, with endless decisions to make regarding bench tops, door handles, fittings and fixtures for every room in the home, until now. After my visit to the World of Style Showroom, I am if anything but inspired and excited about the prospect of building my first home. And when I am lucky enough to do so, this will be my first stop!

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