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DIY: Jewellery Feature Wall

Give your jewellery the attention it deserves and display your statement pieces on a wall in your home as art work. I have serious storage issue in the house I am renting at the moment so this feature serves two purposes in my wardrobe! Enjoy.



Tip: Try and feature your big jewellery pieces to create a big statement and try mixing your jewellery on the wall with photo frames or those special boxes that you never want to throw away but always don’t do anything with.


What you need:

A collection of your jewelry that you wish to showcase on your wall.

Photo frames or any other wall art pieces you wish to display.

Thumbtacks (optional as you may not wish to punch holes in your wall)

Command damage free hanging hooks (range of sizes and the preferably option for sure)

Mounting tape (if you wish to stick flat products to your wall e.g. boxes).



1. Using a grey lead pencil, you may wish to mark the areas on your wall you envision placing your products.

2. Using your damage free hanging hooks, thumbtacks or mounting tape place them on your wall and start placing / hanging your jewelry and other products to the wall.

TIP: While you are placing your items, every so often take a step back from your wall and assess it before you begin placing your other items.

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