Not wanting to throw out those special occasion cards but tired of them being in an old shoe box? Here’s a great DIY idea that will keep them organised in a fun and creative way. Let your imagination run wild when designing the front covers and get the kids involved for that extra personalised touch.

What you need:

-Coloured card


-Hole Punch

-Clag glue or glue stick


-Coloured/printed paper


-Metal rings
1. Cut your coloured card to the size you are wanting. (we cut our A4 card in half but you could also leave it A4). Using clag glue, scissors and coloured paper create a design on the front cover you are wanting. Be creative as you want.SONY DSC2. Stick on any extra craft pieces you are wanting- craft letters, stickers, ribbons ect. Once the card has dried fully we highly recommend to laminate the card for extra strength. (we went to our local newsagent and had this done).SONY DSC3. Using your hole punch, punch holes in the cards you are going to use. Thread ribbon or metal rings through the cards and the laminated front and back covers.step 54. Tie the ribbon in a bow. Make sure that you tie loosely as the cards still need to be read and opened. Your special occasion cards are now organised and can be looked back on with ease. step 6SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC