Who said you need to spend lots of money on new furniture? We purchased an old recycled cupboard from our local Opp Shop and transformed it into something new and very versatile for the kitchen or bedroom all for under $100.

What you need:
-Recycled cupboard (we picked ours up from an Opp shop for $25)
-Heat gun
-Metal Scraper
-White undercoat
-White gloss paint
-Electric sander
-Grey paint
-Clear varnish
-Paint Brushes
-Paint Roller
-Decorative door knobs (we purchased ours from Ishka)
-Screw Driver
-Door Hinges and Door catches (we needed to replace these on our cupboard)

1. Firstly remove cupboard doors, draws, hinges, existing door knobs and door catches from the cupboard.
2. Using a heat gun and metal scraper remove existing paint from cupboard. This will need some elbow grease depending on how many layers of paint is on the cupboard.

step 13. Once paint has been removed , use the electric sander to smooth the timber back. Firstly use course sandpaper and then smooth it over with finer sandpaper. Brush cupboard over with hand broom to remove any excess dust.step 24. Using your roller, apply the undercoat. Once this has dried, apply the gloss paint. A couple of coats may be required. step 35. Using either a paint brush or a roller apply the grey paint to the cupboard doors and draws. (I used the roller firstly and then neatened the edges with the paint brush). Once this has dried apply the clear varnish.SONY DSC6. Once all the paint has dried, attach the new door knobs, hinges and door catches and your new cupboard is complete. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC