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Imagine, Create, Achieve with Officeworks: CREATE YOUR OWN PAPER FLOWERS

This DIY paper flower project is a great one for both the adults and children. They can be used for many things including; hanging them in your children’s room, placing them in vases to display, decorations for a party and so much more. You will love seeing your paper flower creations come to life.

Officeworks shopping list: 

Elephant Learning Company decorative paper scissors RRP: $10.01 (you can also use normal scissors if desired)

Elephant Learning Company assorted chenille sticks RRP $1.98

Elephant Learning Company crepe paper (colours of your choice) RRP $2.23

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Step 1: Cut your crepe paper into multiple pieces measuring 10cm x 15 cm, and stack 8-15 pieces of crepe paper together (this will determine the thickness of the flowers). If you wish, you can alternate colours for a multi-coloured flower.flowers 16

Step 2: On the longest side of your piece, fold the paper in 1cm increments back and forth, similar to how you would fold a fan. Ensure all of the paper is folded.flowers 15

Step 3: Fold your chenille sticks around the centre of the tissue paper to keep the folds secure. This will also create your stem.flowers 10

Step 4: Using your scissors cut each end of the crepe paper to your desired petal shape; we have created a range of shapes using the different paper scissors. Feel free to have play and experiment with different cutting techniques, e.g. frayed look, petal look etc.

flowers 9flowers 11flowers 14

Step 5: Unfold each side into a fan shape (as far as the crepe paper will allow), and then carefully pull apart each piece of paper to create the shape of your flower.

flowers 13flowers 12

You’re finished!

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