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Spruce up your flowers during Easter with this simple and fun DIY easter vase.

What you will need:


Vases: One big and one small to fit inside the big vase.

Flowers of your choice

Food colouring Dye


Pot, Stove, Bowls (for dying the eggs)

what you need


1. Boil your eggs (or blow them out) If you blow them out they will last forever, if you decide to boil them they will only last as long as normal boiled egg. We decided to boil out eggs.step 1

2. Once you have finished boiling or blowing out your eggs, protect your work area with paper towels or newspaper. Mix 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 10 drops of food colouring (use more to intensify colour) in 1 cup of hot water in a heatproof bowl, cup, or jar deep enough to let you submerge an egg completely. Leave for five minutes (or longer depending on the intensity of the colour you are wishing for). step 2

3. Once you have removed your eggs, ensure they are all dry. Place the small in the centre of the big vase and then carefully place/arrange your eggs around the sides, creating a boarder. step 3

4. Fill your vase in the centre with your desired flowers and enjoy. final step

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