Nespresso Vertuo Review


We are big coffee drinkers in our house, BIG. We recently had the pleasure of trying out (and in turn falling in love) with the new Nespresso Vertuo system. My husband Tom and I have been Nespresso coffee drinkers for 8 years (After I bought our first Nespresso coffee machine). We have had only two machines in that time, and the first one we bought is still being used by Tom’s Dad!

So, what is different about the Vertuo compared to their other machines and why is it so fabulous? Here are my bullet point reasons:

-       It looks damn cool – it’s big, but sleek and holds more water

-       It has technology that rotates the coffee capsules to enable extraction lengths from an espresso to a large mug. I.E. You can finally have that large coffee in a mug we all love! This may be one of my favourite new qualities to this machine. Especially in the morning when I’m on the run, I have a really big take away and I love that it now fills all the way up to the top.

-       This is the biggest one for me…. No milk machine. YEP. No milk device that you have to clean at the end of each coffee! The Vertuo system has developed the perfect long-cup coffee with milk; the Reverso. Created by adding a dash of milk to the mug before extracting coffee over the top. It delivers a smooth and creamy texture without the need for an additional milk-frothing device. THE BEST!

-       It’s sustainable – and really shouldn’t everything these days be? I love that Nespresso is committed to bringing about the social, environmental and economic conditions required to achieving global sustainability. Their recycling program provides customers with almost 20,000 collection points including Nespresso boutiques and over 300 florists – where they can ensure their used capsules are recycled. Huge tick!

I’m seriously impressed with this new machine, and of course, you can expect your capsules to taste amazing like they always have (although I think they are even better now). I look forward to using this machine over the years to come, like I have my previous ones. Make a note in your diary for November 1st when the Nespresso Vertuo System launches. Enjoy!

This post was sponsored by Nespresso.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine in Black Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine in Black Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine and Vertuo Coffee Capsule Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine Filling Up a Mug Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine Filling Up a Mug