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Checking out Hypoxi

A few months ago I recieved an email from Hypoxi and I was immediately interested as I put on 30kg’s during my pregnancy, yep 30! Granted a lot of it was fluid, but I still have 10kg’s to go. I have been eating well and doing PT twice a week. I’m not one of those “I LOVE EXERCISE PEOPLE” I honestly hate it, even when I’m fit, I hate it! I could think of a million different things I would like to do with a spare 45 minutes and they dont involve huffing and puffing. Anyway, after doing some research into Hypoxi, which included finding out that my girl crush Zoe Foster Blake does it, which was basically all I needed to know! Well, oK, I did do some research into the science behind it, which if you would like me to translate it into my language (which hopefully is your language) Hypoxi moves stubborn fat… Now, I was led to believe all fat was stubborn, until I had a baby. The fat gets even more stubborn!!!  The machines combines advanced technology with a low impact exercise you take part in for just 30 mins each session. This supercharges your body’s natural fat burning system.

Hypoxi believe individuals can target stubborn fat stored around the stomach, hips, bottom and thighs that you just can’t seem to shake with your exercise routine. With low impact exercise, healthy eating and frequent gym use you could start to see results after 2-4 weeks.
For me and my body, seeing results took a little longer but I could certainly feel them after I’d say only 4-5 sessions.

I’m into my second week and love it! I haven’t done a weigh in yet or the measurements, but I feel fantastic and I think I have already lost some weight around my tummy and face. If anything as well, it is SO relaxing!!! I crave going to Hypoxi now for my half an hour or one hour (depending what session I do) for me time… I read a mag or surf the web on my phone. Go give it a try and to find out more click here



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