Mothers Day 17-660


Spoil your mum this year but making her this extra special and personal quote card. Use it for styling a table or make a card out of it. She will love the extra effort you went for her and will no doubt display it proudly around her house. However, this project is not limited to Mother’s Day, you can do this DIY for any occasion!

By Hayley Smith

Foxes Elbow Designs

You’ll need:

- Templates printed off, our hand painted floral designs used in this tutorial are available for you to download below. Simply save the last image down below to your desktop and print off.

- HB pencil

- Eraser

- A fine tip glue pen (available from Riot Art and Craft, Spotlight etc)

- A clean, soft paintbrush

- Gold foiling (available from Riot and all good art and craft stores)


Step 1.

Lightly draw your text onto your clean template with a HB pencil

Step 2.

Using your glue pen, slowly and carefully trace over your lines

Step 3.

Allow the glue to dry slightly so as it becomes ‘tacky’, it will start to turn transparent. This helps adhere your gold foil much better, creating cleaner lines and a nicer finish

Step 4.

Gently place your gold foil onto your text, pat down gently with your hand and allow to dry completely (10 minutes or so)

Step 5.

Starting from the outer edges, begin gently brushing on the gold foil in a circular motion to remove the excess. You should be left with just your

beautiful metallic gold text! (tip: save some of the bigger pieces for your next project!)

Step 6.

Gently rub out any remaining pencil lines, try not to rub too much on your foiling though as you’ll lose some of the metallic goodness!

Step 7.

Admire your brilliant work! And good luck cleaning up the gold foil flakes if you got them everywhere like me!

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