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Galentine’s Day

By Emma Hawkins, Kirsten McKechnie and Rebecca Simpson

Uh yes, Galentine’s Day. For those of you are not familiar with Galentine’s Day, it is a day that was arguably started by Amy Poehler’s character on Parks and Recreation as a celebration of all the wonderful women in your life.  It typically takes place on the 13th of February however, we believe that you have the right to celebrate the super amazing ladies in your life any day of the week. So, gather your best girlfriends and feel free to take some inspo from our day below and have an amazing time celebrating the friendships of all the wonderful gals in your life.

We put together  DIY Galentine’s Day gift boxes for our guests by simply purchasing some cardboard boxes and sticking our guest’s names onto some fun wrapping paper that we wrapped around the boxes. We filled the boxes with some fun treats like lip gloss, lollipops, chocolates and Yellowglen Mini Sparkling bottles.

We then made some delicious cocktails which you can find the recipe here  and popped open some bubbles (the gorgeous Botanic Series from Yellowglen). Next, we served the most delicious Strawberry pie (recipe can be found here) and after we were full from our sparkling and pie we sat down for a good old-fashioned gossip sesh followed by a movie night.

It was such an enjoyable afternoon, we highly recommend throwing your own Galantine’s day bash this year. It’s not just for the singletons either by the way, it’s an opportunity for all the super amazing ladies in your life to gather together and celebrate their friendships with other girls, regardless of the happy romantic relationships they may or may not be having.

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