My Baby Shower

By Emma Hawkins.

A few weeks ago (maybe more, I have lost all track of time) I was lucky to celebrate my baby shower with my closest girlfriends. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of baby showers and this year I have been so blessed to celebrate so many special occasions already (Hens and Wedding) that I felt my poor friends didn’t need another reason to celebrate me.

However, my girlfriends reminded me, that you are only pregnant with your first child once, and this is not just about me, it’s about the baby too. So with that in mind, and the fact that my dear friend Annie McNamara said she would do everything (bless you Annie) all of a sudden I was very keen for the shower!

All I really wanted was to have my nearest and dearest girlfriends at our new farm and for them (and me) to have a relaxing afternoon with yummy drinks, food and sweets.

My girlfriend Annie is one of the most creative gals I know. I style events as part of my work so it was so refreshing to take a back seat and let a girlfriend do all the work (I may have been a bit too comfortable with this).  Of course knowing that I’m a little bit of a control freak Annie did ‘consult’ me on a few things, but she also left a lot of things out and they, of course, were the best surprises! Everything Annie had organised was me to T! The relaxed country setting looking over our property, the flowers, sweets, quirky games and surprises, I was honestly blown away.

My Favourite surprise…. A tough one, as my best friend Georgia who lives in London, surprised me and I was in shock and so emotional, it was amazing. Also when Annie told me to go inside for a bit, I then came out to see all of my guests with baby belly’s (balloons)  and Emma masks all staring at me. It was honestly one of the funniest moments in my life. I will never forget that.

I also told Annie that I didn’t want any gifts. Baby Hawk is already so lucky and we are so fortunate that we don’t need anything more than what we already have. However, Annie insisted to my friends that they bring their favourite book from their childhood and write a note to Baby Hawk on the inside of it. This was honestly the most gorgeous idea. I have loved reading all the notes and seeing all the books that my friends loved when they were young. I can’t wait to read them all to the baby over the years.

The games…. I’m not massive on the games at Baby Showers, but Annie had a fantastic idea where she printed “Emma and Tom baby signs” (see below so it makes sense) and everyone had to guess the name and due date and pin it on the frame) I have kept all of the guesses and put it in our baby book.

Annie’s Styling…. Honestly, it was all so amazing. I loved her DIY Baby Hawkins sign with the beautiful flowers inserted into the middle. Annie nailed the outline of the ‘Baby Hawkins’ and weaved thread around it. It was stunning! I also loved all of the illustrations and fonts designed by Morgan from Colour and Skulls. Morgan’s designs looked so gorgeous on the personalised cupcakes, cookies and Annie also had stickers made to put on the cocktail jars. Speaking of cocktails… I also loved the ‘Mum-Osas’. Very clever!

The flowers were stunning, I have worked with Peony and Weasel before on many occasions and they know what I love, so with a few directions of the colour palette (which was basically, ‘match Morgan’s illustrations’) we let them come up with their own creative concepts. And of course, they absolutely nailed it. The selection of flowers worked perfectly with the country setting, the amazing flower garland on the trestle tables and the little quirky inclusions such as the nests with the eggs placed into them, were just gorgeous.

Take home treats… I wanted to send my guests home with a little take away considering the majority of them drove from Melbourne to the farm. Annie came up with the cute tags that you will see on the Yellowglen mini sparkling bottles below. So each guest went home with a Yellowglen mini bottle and a cookie.

What we served… We had an epic grazing platter, chicken sandwiches, cake and sweets along with a range of options from the Yellowglen style series collection

Full list of suppliers are featured below. Enjoy and I’ll be back after I have had this baby.

Lots of love.

Xo Em









Flowers: Peony and Weasel

Custom Stationary: Colour and Skulls 

What we served: Yellowglen

Grazing Platter: Platter co

Cupcakes: Cupcake Queens

Cookies: Bella sweets

Photography: Hails and Shine

Cake: Smith and Co Foods

Annie: Get in touch with Annie for your next event! instagram.com/akubra_annie