Creative Christmas: Place card ideas

By Emma Hawkins.

Place cards or name cards (whatever you like to call them) are honestly one of my favourite things to do when decorating a table. It’s so easy to have fun with them and when done well they can really bring the theme to life. They can also be a clever way to engage with your guests e.g. they may be a take home present or something that they can eat. See below the three different Christmas Place card ideas we came up with for our Creative Christmas Yellowglen Series.

Pine cone place cards. 

For this setting, I wanted to create a white wonderland theme using traditional Christmas colours (which is very opposite to yesterday’s theme, see here). This was super easy, I simply picked up some pine cones from the paddock (you should be able to purchase them from your florist) and painted the tips white. I then wrote the names of guests to a thick cardboard name tags and inserted into the pine cone. I also put some special Baked By Belle cookies into the bowl as a take home. When possible, I always think it’s nice to give your guests a little take home treat.

Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-55 Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-75  Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-62  Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-57 Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-65 Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-69  Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-77  Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-78

Take home flower bouquets with picture name cards

If you really feel like spoiling your guests, make them a gorgeous flower bouquet to take home at the end of the day and for a visual effect, print your favourite photo of them (maybe of you both together) and insert it into the bouquet. The guests will love finding their photo on the table and each guest will enjoy looking at one another’s.  The flower bouquets also work as the table centrepieces or florals for the tables. So, if you are going to spend money on flowers for the table anyway, you may as well send your guests home with some.

Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-13 Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-09 Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-04

Chocolate place cards

Delicious and visually effective! Your guests are gaurenteed to love these. Simply melt your choice of chocolate and pour into small pastic bag. Cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and write the names onto baking paper and place in fridge to set.

Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-18 Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-03 Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-24 Yellowglen_Christmas_Editorial_Social_Scene_3-23

Suppliers Details:

We served: Yellowglen 

Flower Arrangement: Peony and Weasel

Cookies: Baked by Belle