Pop-Up Galleria with Felix Furniture and One Fine Print

Felix Furniture has recently launched a new concept store with One Fine Print at 165 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill. After moving away from the traditional retail store, they have aptly called it a “Pop-Up Galleria” and have created a very inspirational living space. By creating this space they have  showcased Felix Furniture’s hand crafted furniture and One Fine Print’s curated collection of photographic art prints similar to how you would display them in your home.

P.s. They are running an in-store competition with an incredible prize, valued at $3,750 head to CliftonPopUp1016_0317 CliftonPopUp1016_0321 CliftonPopUp1016_0325 CliftonPopUp1016_0331 PopUp_CliftonHill_01 PopUp_CliftonHill_0294 PopUp_CliftonHill_0298 PopUp_CliftonHill_0299A PopUp_CliftonHill_0304 PopUp_CliftonHill_0305