By Zerin Hassan 

Two words Spring Carnival, my favourite time of the year. I don’t mind a punt but let’s be honest I am there for the champagne, the fashion, a little celebrity stalk and a great day out with my girls. If you’re anything like me, attending the races can be very expensive the shoes, the clutch, the dress and the fascinator not to mention entry fee it can get a little out of hand, especially if you’re attending more than one race day.

I am no milliner but am loving a DIY challenge lately so, I have put together three inexpensive options to get you through this year’s carnival.

Look one:

The classic veil over the face is not just for brides! It has made such a comeback over the last two years and is such a cheap option to do yourself. It looks so elegant, effortless and makes you feel a little royal. Team up with a pastel or floral dress for the perfect Oaks day look.

What you need

* Veil 225mm

* Headband

* Bobby pins

Simply position veil inside of headband and place on head. The veil will be all over the place but don’t stress simply use bobby pins to position into place. I would go for a low bun.

Tip: Do your make up first.

DIY total: $8.99


Look two:

Floral ears, the cat ears, floral pom pom is a massive new trend and makes such a cute fun modern look. I think this would look perfect for derby day as it has Chanel vibes without the price tag.

What you need

* Headband

* China knot flowers (comes with 6 flowers)

This DIY is so simple, grab the flowers which have a wire attached. The wire is soft so it’s real easy to wind around the headband. I positioned mine to the inner sides to give the ear kinda look I was going for.

DIY total: 8.99


Look three:

For those who aren’t into headpieces I thought this would be an easy option to create an effortless but statement look. Perfect for Melbourne cup. Team up with a red dress, nude heels and a killer earring and you’re good to go.

What you need

* Foam roses

My photographer had two killer braids in her hair on the day of the shoot so we just decided on the spot to braid my hair and magic was created. You might need a friend to help you with this one or cut the wires down and simply stick into your hair style of choice. I loved this look so much.

DIY total: $6.99

When I took the flowers out they were still in perfect condition so I put them in a vase which made the perfect addition to my desk.


Fascinators have changed over the last few years unless you’re competing in fashion of the fields pieces are getting smaller and less complicated and a little more fun. I had the best time in Spotlight there is also a few DIY fascinator makers to purchase. Highly recommend getting creative this Spring Carnival.


Photographer: Eleisha Http://Instagram.com/epkphotography

Model & Content: Zerin Hassan insincerelyher.com

Zerin Hassan is the Creative Director &  Lifestyle Blogger from insincerelyher.com