Hunting for George new Art Print collection

Hunting for George returns to its roots and launches a new Art Print collection titled ‘Golden Years’ that celebrates the warmth and positivity of Summer. Melbourne Homewares retailer Hunting for George has been making homes awesome since 2010. The first product designed and produced by Hunting for George was its Dr Seuss print, launched in 2012. The minimal typeset poster of the popular Dr Seuss classic Oh the Places You’ll Go was well received and still much loved to this day. The success of this first print kick started what has now become an extensive collection of Homeware, that includes bed linen, accessories, clocks and most recently Australian Made furniture.
“We were extremely excited to design this new collection of art prints. It’s where we first began and art is where my passion lies. My background is in graphic design and I have a strong appreciation for typography. With this collection we experimented with different foil finishes and paper stock to introduce new textures. The beauty of foiling is that the type changes appearance based on how the light reflects from its surface, making it behave a little differently every time you see it.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.
Bravo again Hunting for George. There is a reason we keep coming back to you.

Image credits

Art Direction: Lucy Glade-Wright

Styling: Ruth Welsby

Photography: Annette O’Brien