super-duper cute little cubby houses

Bring a splash of summer to winter with a beautiful Castle & Cubby beach box and give your little one a taste of the beach at home.  A cafe window with colourful chalkboard paint opens up to reveal your beach cafe, milk bar, lolly shop, ice cream stand or whatever you imagine!

Castle & Cubby create unique and quirky cubby houses made from 100% recycled and untreated timber fruit and vegetable crates that have been sourced locally. Each house has an old-world vintage charisma and gifted with their own stamps, knots, dents, knocks- beautiful and charming little ‘birthmarks.’

Each Castle and Cubby is built on your site and provide a small precious world for your little ones to explore, create and expand their mind. Simply order and each arrive in a box with a Bob The Builder who builds them right in front of your very eyes!

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