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The game changer

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By Emma Hawkins.

They say everything happens at once and for Tom and I that could not be more true, for those who follow me on Instagram you will have noticed hat in the last 6 months Tom and I got married, moved into into our new dream farm and house and announced that we are pregnant! I also have the races coming up with my new role with Yellowglen (more about that later) and work could not be better.

The move however was (I won’t sugar coat this, awful). I had severe morning sickness, was travelling three days after we moved in and lots of work on,  which is why I feel the need to share what has been the best purchase I have made in well over a year, a purchase that has helped keep my sanity. It’s a game changer and life changer. It’s just that one less thing to worry about, it’s my new Roomba 980 iRobot’s. Put simply, this is an app controlled vacuuming robot with WI-FI connectivity and visual navigation technology (so it detects everything on the floor and will do your carpets twice).  Now, it’s not cheap but the time it saves busy people I think is worth every penny! So much so, I also went and got myself the Braava 380t robot mop!

This technology has to be seen to be believed, I honestly thought it wouldn’t be as good as everyone made it out to be, so I was hesitant, but so far it has just been amazing and as I said before, one less thing to worry about at home…