five tips: what you need to know about home electrical when you are building or renovating a new home

By Emma Hawkins

Building or renovating a new home can be incredibly exciting – you are presented with a clean slate and are able to craft your home so that it has the features and qualities that are not only functional but suited to your way of living. It’s really hard not to get consumed by the design and the styling of a new home as I have just learnt. We have just bought our dream home and before I started thinking about my electrical services, I was pinning new doors and rugs. I’ve taken a few breaths and have realised I need to look at the crucial aspects of moving into this new home and what needs amending to suit our lifestyle. And as mentioned before home electrics play a huge role in ones lifestyle at home.

So, my five tips on what you need to know about home electrical when you are building or renovating a new home?

#1:  PLAN

Sounds so simple and obvious but whilst you maybe thinking of how the rooms will be placed and where all of the features will be situated, you also need to plan your electrical outlets and ensure the wiring for your electrical outlets is in the appropriate places.


Again, seems obvious right? But when you are in the middle of building or renovating you will be so overwhelmed you may have a passive approach and leave the decisions about the location of the home electrical to your builders. Think really carefully about the location of your home electrical and share these thoughts and ideas at the very beginning so there is no confusion.



Consistency is king people, so have a really good think about your fixtures. Do they suit the rest of your interiors? Will they all be black, white or a pop of colour? Do you want them to be subtle or make a statement? There are endless opportunities with your fixtures and choosing fixtures are one of my personal favourite things to do.



The dreaded costs and budgets whilst building and renovating! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all had a money tree outside and you could choose whatever you liked? If you’re like me, this is just a crazy fantasy so you need to ensure you have a budget and work with your electrician on what’s achievable and manageable. Be up front at the very beginning on your budget and they will then only showcase what’s possible which will hopefully make your decision making a lot easier.  However, a little heads up, if it’s cheap, it’s usually for a reason. With home electrical you really do get what you pay for and I personally would rather put more budget into the safety and functionality of the house when building or renovating.



Whether you are willing to invest in smart home technology and applications or just want to try a few of the nifty new gadgets choose the ones that are going to make your life easier and home life simpler.  A few of my favorites are as follows:

- Smart Shelf – Avoid clutter on your bench space and accessorise your switches with a handy charger shelf. Designed to hold two smartphones or one tablet the USB Charger and Smart Shelf keeps your devices out of the way when charging.

- Pop up power points – Another bench space saver, a pop up power point gives you extra flexibility without using up additional wall space.

- Clipsal SILC – Control individual lights, groups of lights or groups of groups with your smart phone or tablet.

- PUSH Controls – With one simple interface, you can operate virtually any device, system or appliance. PUSH Controls can be used as a single interface for greater connectivity, simplicity, and comfort for your lights, audio visual, security, automated blinds and climate control.


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