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Flash Back – Decorating tips and tricks for renters Part 1: Removable Wallpaper and Decals

By Caroline Clapham

I’m currently living in London at the moment, and as anyone who has lived here before knows, the property market is utterly bananas. Not only are properties prohibitively expensive to buy; unless you’re a Russian Oligarch or Arab prince it’s unlikely you’re going to be getting on to the property ladder in London anytime soon. The rental market is kind of crazy too.

Rent is expensive, apartments and houses are small and often devoid of any natural light (to be fair this is probably simply due to the lack of sunlight in the UK). That being said living in a tiny, dark, one-bedroom apartment in central London has forced me to get creative about home decorating! Whilst it can be majorly annoying not being able to make any big changes to your home, there are still plenty of things you can do to make a rental property feel more like home. There are many amazing temporary/removable products now available and these can allow you to make big changes to places without the risk of loosing your bond money. Here is part 1 of my renters decorating tips and tricks. Over the next 5 posts I will share some of the simple decorating tips I’ve picked up over the past 18 months.

Removable wallpaper and decals.

I was sceptical about this stuff at first, but I purchased some gold circle decals from Urban Walls and I was majorly impressed. They are super fun and easy to use, and I’ve inadvertently tested taking them on and off the walls with no damage to the underlying paint.


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