Introducing Devlin Apartments, Geelong

By Emma Clapham.

During the week I treated myself to a night at the new Devlin Apartments in Geelong. I had heard so much about them and wanted to see what all the hype was about.  I can confidently say that there is a reason why there is so much hype surrounding these apartments… They are amazing!

NYC is my favourite city and I have been fortunate enough to visit the city many times. What I love about the city is its architecture, the lofts and the cool industrial feels. And the Devlin Apartment my friends is where New York meets Geelong.

Devlin Apartments is Geelong’s first 4.5 star luxury accommodation option. Located in the old Gordon Technical School, one could not deny the importance of maintaining the heritage exterior for this truly iconic Geelong building.


Image courtesy of Devlin Apartments

These are luxury apartments and there is nothing like them in Geelong. They encompass three distinct architectural and designer styled apartments;

‘The New Yorker’ Boasting high ceilings and tall arched windows. Think lush fabrics, elegant furniture and pops of colour. Sheer curtains adorn the windows allowing a beautiful soft dappled light to create a sensual mood of luxury. This is the room I stayed in, see some of my pictures below.

‘The Industrial’ where utilitarian design meets warmth, natural light and soft neutral colour palettes. You’ll feel relaxed and inspired by our Industrial Chic Apartments at the Devlin.

‘The Modernist’ Think clean lines and great design. The Modernist apartments are designed with clean open space. Enjoy the sun and natural light on your own private balcony retreat.

These three unique designs resonate with the historical values, whilst offering style and comfort of the 21st Century.

I can see these apartments being used by an array of people; whether you need a night or two in Geelong for a long weekend with your partner, friends or family (there are two bedroom options), if you are coming to Geelong for the Football. Or, if you are a corporate who is need of some longer-term accommodation. The space of these apartments is so welcoming, I honestly think I could last a month in them if not longer; they are seriously much bigger than most NYC apartments.

I was honestly blown away by these apartments and highly recommend them. I thought for those of you who are thinking of coming to Geelong for a weekend, I would put a very brief hit list together for you, featuring my favourite places to eat and what to do for a weekend in this lovely city.

For more information on the apartments head to

Snaps of my stay

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A weekend in Geelong:

This is a really brief hit list guys of my favourite places, let me know if you would like a more detailed one via my instagram.


At the Devlin apartments of course, make sure you request what room you would prefer depending on your personal style.


To the footy – did I mention the apartments are 300m from Kardinia park?

Boom Gallery

Jack Rabbit Winery

Mannerim Stables Co.

Barwon Heads (you will find me there most weekends)

Inverleigh and check out the local pub and fresh produce store called Farmers Market, there is also a gorgeous homewares store across the road.


Winters – for breakfast (that’s my local)

King of the Castle – great coffee!

Igni – for something fancy

Le Parisien (an oldie but a goodie, order the steak)


Union St Wine

Mrs Hyde

Little creatures.