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Introducing Grace & James Candles to The WLT Shop

By Emma Clapham.

I hate to play favourites with candles, I really do. I am a complete candle addict and my addiction is becoming more serious. The first thing I do when I enter our house is light a candle, I have to have one burning all the time; one in the hallway, one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. So as you can imagine I go through a lot ( A LOT) of candles. Luckily, I am in a privileged position for a candle addict, as I already stock a range of fabulous candles and because of the nature of my job I get sent a lot of candles to trial.

So, I hate to play favourites, but Grace and James candles are probably (no definitely) my favourite. Although, I do love the Candle Lit Co (like love), Ashton and Harper, Jonathan Adler (don’t get me started on the bourbon scent) and Fleur Lyon Candles (all available on our online store) trust me, we don’t stock candles that aren’t approved and loved by me.

However, back to Grace and James… I can’t believe it has taken me this long to stock my favourite candles. I actually interviewed Emma Davenport (Owner of Grace and James) when they first launched two years ago on Who Loves That. I have bought a GandJ candle nearly every month since they launched, so I am extremely excited to be stocking them on WLT. Please welcome my fave candles to the family and shop them here


Emma xx

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