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Electricals and your home

By Emma Clapham.

Your home represents so much of you and it not only creates an appealing environment, but certain aesthetics encourage the function of a space. Whether it is your furniture or lighting these can impact your home and work life, whether it is relaxing in the lounge, browsing in a shop or tapping away at an office keyboard.  For any of our readers who are looking at building or renovating their home in the near future, it can be completely overwhelming and if you are like me, a very visual person, you will love

My fiancé and I have been looking at buying our dream home for some time now, and whilst we haven’t found the right property yet, I have already made a start on my research, as I know we will probably have to renovate whatever we end up purchasing.

I did a blog post on last year, but I thought I would do another one just to refresh everyone and to introduce it to any new readers we have. I found Clipsal when one of my friends recommended it to me; I love the digital web experience and all of the different designsections of the site. It’s so interactive and you can upload photos of your room and play around with the different types of electrical accessories that you need to build or want to update when renovating.

They have a huge, I mean HUGE range of electrical accessories, which has opened my mind to really focusing more on the electrical components of a home as they are vital in any home interior design.

Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think!


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