Incorporating the fifth room into your home…

By Rebecca Simpson.

Last week I had the absolute privilege to preview the latest KMART homewares collection in Sydney. This season’s collection is all about incorporating the fifth room into your home, which in KMART language refers to seamlessly bringing those classic outside furniture pieces, indoors and styling them with cozy decor pieces such as throws and rugs to create a cohesive look. The collection is filled with bright coloured Acapulco chairs for those of us who’s home is after a little more inject of colour, traditional monochromatic cushions and faux cactus’s for those of us who are after an all year round burst of greenery. You can still count on KMART to be bringing you all of their iconic and traditional kitchen and décor pieces, just with fresher designs. Please excuse the horrendous views and delicious treats we had to surround ourselves with.

Enjoy. XO


Enjoy KMAR’TS best home collection yet for yourself.