4. West Elm collage

Living room wall art: Stylist tips

The team from stylect.com.au share their tips on choosing wall art for your living room.

Artwork is a wonderful way to express your personality in your home, but many of our customers struggle with choosing exactly what to decorate their walls with.

There are so many options it’s easy to become paralysed by choice, as well as confused about where to hang wall decorations. Well, ponder no more because we’re about to share some trade secrets that stylists use when it comes to living room wall art.

1.      WHERE TO START: A good place to start in the living room is with the wall that you see first when walking into the room. This is often the wall above the sofa, and if that is the case, it’s usually best to hang artwork symmetrically above the sofa as either one large piece; a diptych – two pieces of the same series side by side, such as in this example – or a triptych (three pieces of the same series side by side).

1. Urban Road
From Within and Ice Queen art print canvases, 60 x 90cm each, $210 each, from Urban Road

2.      BEND THE RULES: Sometimes it can be good to bend decorating ‘rules’ that you might have heard. For example, perhaps a small room will be able to accommodate a large piece of art; a bold decoration may complement a neutral room or, as in this example, an item placed off centre can create a better composition than if it had been centred. This room has a well-balanced composition because the painting and floor lamp are sitting closer to the corner of the room, which keeps the focus around the window.

2. boconcept
Abstract Composition original oil painting, 180 x 110cm, $769, from BoConcept.

3.      FLOATING SOFA? If your living room has a floating sofa – one that is not sitting against a wall – it can be difficult to know where to hang art. In this case, we look at pairing wall art with other pieces of furniture, such as a feature armchair or console table. This example shows a mirror as the wall decoration, teamed with a console table. A mirror is an alternative to a painting or a print, which also makes a room seem larger.
3. West Elm mirror
Metal Hexagon framed mirror, 61 x 86cm, $299, from West Elm.

4.      SALON STYLE: If you like to have a lot of decorations in a room, you might like the salon style of display, also known as a collage, as in this example. The trick to this is to start with one focal piece and work your way out and around it. Experiment with pieces in different shapes, sizes and colours but lay everything out on a table or the floor first and play around until you’re happy with it.
4. West Elm collage
Various pieces, $19 to $79, from West Elm.

5.      CRAFTY ALTERNATIVE: For another alternative to paintings, try a woven tapestry or three such as these by Maryanne Moodie. This pic also provides a good example of how to make three different shaped pieces work together on a wall.

5. Modern Times
Maryanne Moodie Rising Sun tapestry, 35 x 62cm, $620; Blue Diamond tapestry, 34 x 67cm, $620; Circle tapestry, 52 x 62cm, $790. All from Modern Times.

When choosing wall art or decorations, always consider if it complements the style and other items you have in your living room. As simple as this sounds, it is easy to get carried away and forget to do it, only to end up with a piece that you love with nowhere to put it. We see this all the time!

We hope you find these tips helpful. Remember, when it comes to decorating your home, if it makes you happy – go for it!

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