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#MumsWeLove Morgan & Marlene Connoley

Morgan Connoley, the founder of Colour & Skulls, is a Geelong-based artist and illustrator who also created a limited edition range of prints for Cotton On Body. For Cotton On Body’s #mumswelove, Morgan and her mum Marlene share this beautiful interview on their relationship, health, work, advice and more. Enjoy.



Morgan & Marlene Profile Photo

Marlene, what do you most love about being a mum? I have enjoyed watching both my daughters develop into happy, healthy, independent individuals, enjoying careers they have chosen and I’m happy they are both just good people. That’s really what your role as a parent is all about.

Marlene, what was Morgan like growing up? Very relaxed, easy going and happy, a little shy when she was very young but that has changed!

Marlene, what are your favorite Mother’s Day rituals? If I’m together with both my daughters on Mother’s Day, I’m happy. When they were younger it was always breakfast in bed made with the help of their Dad.

Marlene, if you could go back and tell yourself anything before having children, what would it be? Just relax and go with the flow. You never know what is going to happen.

Marlene, can you sum up Morgan in 3 words? Creative, caring and loving.

Morgan, what is your favorite Mother’s Day memory? Last year my sister and I threw a ‘high tea at home’ party for Mum and her sister. As always, we completely over catered. I love to cook so Mother’s Day always involves food! And lots of it!

Morgan, can you sum up your Mum in 3 words? Generous, inspiring, and beautiful.

Morgan, what’s the best piece of advice your Mum gave you? Mum is such a huge role model for me, she has taught me everything I know. She taught me how to cook from a very young age, reminds me constantly to look after my health and inspires me in more ways than she probably knows!

Morgan, what’s your pick for your Mum for Mother’s Day from Cotton On’s #SundayFunday collection? The Cozy Coccoon Cardi!

Morgan and Marlene, how important is health and wellbeing in your relationship? And why? Morgan: Health and wellbeing is super super important to me. I’m a very busy person so a healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep is very important. I also suffer from Crohns disease and manage my disease through a healthy diet and mind.

Marlene: Health and wellbeing is important for both my daughters (and myself) because they both have Crohns disease. They never take their health for granted and always try to keep fit and healthy to help them manage their Crohns.

Morgan and Marlene, do you spend time being active together? Morgan: Separately yes but not really together! Although Mum and Dad are moving down to the coast (near to me) this year so this will definitely change! Sometimes we fit in a walk together but being busy it’s sometimes hard to find a time that suits, we will have to work more on that!

Morgan’s work can be found  here and you can check out the Cotton On Gift guide here