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Decorating tips and tricks for renters Part 2: Instant marble/granite countertop film

By Caroline Clapham

To say I’m in love with this product is a massive understatement. I’m obsessed with it and have subsequently ‘faux marbled’ every surface possible in our flat. Kitchens are super difficult to update as it can be tricky to make big changes without needing to do a full scale renovation, which obviously isn’t possible for us renters. Enter removable marble/granite film. We have a super dark and daggy kitchen with an ugly dark-grey vinyl countertop. I thought the faux marble film might be too difficult to apply or that it would look super fake and tacky. How wrong was I?! I think it looks great, it was really easy to apply (it’s literally like contacting your school books!) and it feels great. Win, win, win!

I’m now applying faux marble film to every surface I can find (dining and coffee tables have also been done). I haven’t tried to remove it yet, however the product is marketed as easily removable so I don’t doubt that it will peel off without damaging the underlying countertop. I used d-c-fix® Sticky Back Plastic (self adhesive vinyl film) in Marble Marmi Grey, purchased from Amazon  See my before and after images below including the DIY steps, apologies for the poor quality photos – I’m an excellent faux marbler but a terrible photographer.



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