DIY: Three Terracotta Pot DIY projects

The Terracotta Pot phase is not going away and we are thrilled as we love a good DIY Terracotta pot. They are a cost effective and easy to make present to give to someone or will instantly brighten up your garden or room. Here are three of our favourite Terracotta pot DIY Projects we have done.


Gold Trimmed Terracotta Pots

What you need:

Terracotta Pots (purchased from any local nursery or hardware store)

Gold paint

Paint brushes

Cling wrap

Potting mix

Seedlings of your choice


1. Paint top of Terracotta Pot in gold paint

2. Whilst paint is drying, scrunch a piece of cling wrap and lightly pat the wet gold paint to get a sponged effect

3. Once paint has dried, plant your favorite plant to compliment the gold trim of the pot


Chalkboard Terracotta Pots

What you need:

Terracotta pots (purchased from you local nursery or hardware store)

Chalkboard paint

Colored Paint



Potting mix

Seedlings of your choose


1. Paint the middle of the terracotta pot in black chalkboard paint (may need to do a couple of layers to get a better quality)

2. Once chalkboard paint has dried, paint the top trim and plate of the terracotta pots in the color you have chosen (this may match your décor or just compliment the black)

3. Once paint has dried plant your favorite seedling and write anything on your pots (could be the name of the seedling, a quote or your children’s names-this is endless and your personal touch)


Paint dripped Terracotta Pots

What you need:

Terracotta pots: we used three pots – small, medium and large.

Paint: Make sure your paint is thick enough to use on the terracotta. We used a white base and blue, pink and yellow.

Paint brush

Flowers and soil to fill your pot – We chose cacti.


1. Paint your pots with a base colour and leave to dry. Repeat the process if necessary (we did two layers of paint).

2. Once the paint is dry, turn your pots over so the base is facing up. Apply a substantial amount of paint colour of your choice to the base so that the paint will run down the sides of the pot and leave to dry. (Make sure the paint on the base is even so it sits flat when you turn it over).

3. Once dry, fill your pots with soil and plants of your choice.

4. Enjoy your new DIY terracotta pots.