Last year we attended one of the Bloom College Christmas workshops and made this beautiful wreath. We posted this last year, however, we thought with Christmas just around the corner we would repost it (and because it is so beautiful too).

Make a head start and get cracking on your Christmas wreath this year, they make a great present – you could do smaller versions for teacher/work presents or of course enjoy them for yourself.

Stay tuned for more Christmas content.

Head over to the Bloom College website for all of the contact details and further information on the various workshops they do (In Melbourne and Geelong regions).

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Now, for the steps to creating your own Christmas Door Wreath.

What you will need: 

  • Wreath with green foam base and plastic backing
  • Ribbon of your choice
  • Washi tape
  • Dried oranges
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Twine
  • Vine
  • Privett foliage Flowering
  • Rosemary
  • Black berries
  • Copper beech foliage
  • Florists wire
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Florists snips & secatuers
  • Metal door hanger


1. Soak the foam base in water for approximately 1 min

step 1

2. Using a strong glue , attach a ribbon of your choice across the back of the  wreath.  This will be used later to attach ribbon for hanging on the door or you may like to attach a hanging star or angel or bell for the centre of the wreath.

step 2

3. Use washi tape to cover the plastic outer edge of the wreath base.

step 3

step 3 (b)

4. Collect vine you may have cut from the garden ie: wisteria or you can purchase vine such as Dodda Vine from florists and wholesalers.  Insert the vine throughout the wreath. Cut neat ends and insert into the foam.

step 4

5. Use a foliage such as Copper beech to base the wreath. Cut very short pieces approximately 5 com in height and insert into the foam. Evenly disperse them throughout the foam base until you are happy with the coverage.

step 5

6. Insert small cuttings of the privet foliage , use the flowers as the dominant points of interest and use the green leaves to cover the foam. Continue placing the foliage evenly throughout the base.

step 6

7. Use cuttings of rosemary in groupings throughout the wreath, now the wreath will be coming to life with scent.

step 7

8. Black berries can be used in clusters also.  Even disperse the clusters  throughout. the wreath base.

step 8

step 8 (b)

9. Make bundles of cinnamon sticks using twine.  Insert a florist wire through the back of the twine to insert into the foam.

step 9

10. Insert florist wires into the dried orange slices and add a bamboo skewer to securely attach into the foam.

step 10 (a)

11. Continue placing all materials throughout until you are happy with the overall look and your foam is well covered.

step 11

TIP: You may choose to add a bird, hang an angel, star or bell to the ribbon or any other embellishments you choose and fit in with your theme this Christmas. To hang your wreath on the door, a metal door hanger is recommended. Attach ribbon by looping it through the top of the wreath.

final v1