It’s been nearly 4 years since our very close friends Georgia and Andrew Mackie tied the knot. So, we thought, why not take a walk down memory lane? And we are so glad we did, as it reminded us how beautiful this wedding was.

Georgia and Andrews wedding shows us, that with beautiful styling and the right classical elements you can create a wedding theme that will never go out date. Her dress, shoes, flowers, invites, table settings were all whites with a touch of soft pinks that made the wedding have a romantic and elegant feel.

The day and night was enjoyed by all (some a little too much) and we wanted to share their special day for all of those brides to be as we are sure you will find lots of inspiration.

We chat to Georgia (read interview below) to find out if there is anything she would do different 4 years later and what her tips and advice would be for those brides to be. Remember, this was when pinterest and instagram weren’t around!

Thank you, Andrew and Georgia for sharing your wedding with our readers.

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You have been married for nearly 4 years now, would there be anything that you would change from your wedding day? This is something that I have never thought about until you asked me this question, so I guess the answer is no. I am a very plain and neutral person so I guess nothing has really dated too much in 4 years for me to look back on and go ‘what was I thinking!!’ However I do have one regret from the night, and that is not making a speech. If I could do it all over again I would be getting up and taking that microphone.

What did you find the most stressful thing about planning your wedding? Probably my dress. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted and I never went and tried any dresses on. I took a couple of pictures into my dress maker and she made it happen, but the unknown of how it would come up gave me lots and lots of stress.

Did you turn to magazines, pinterest or blogs for inspiration for your wedding day or did you already have a theme in mind? Gee, I wish pinterest was around when I was planning my wedding, blogs also were just starting off too. So for me it was magazines. I also put a lot of trust into Jodie my florist and Bec from Peace Love and Letterpress to create my beautiful invites, place settings ect. 

How did you and Andrew meet? Ha, this was along time ago! I was 17. I decided to skip school with a group of friends to go to the Geelong Cup, it was there we met. Lucky for mobiles we swapped numbers and caught up another time and 11 years later the rest is history.

Tell us your engagement story- Andrew is not the most romantic person I know, so I must admit I was quite impressed with his efforts. He organised a mini holiday to Hayman Island for us and as we got to the airport he realised he had accidentally booked the following week. So after getting a different flight via Sydney we arrived in Hayman Island eventually. He proposed on the 1st night we were there with a letter he had printed out before we left. He then had organised his family and my family to have an intimate dinner back in Melbourne when we got home. To think he went to all this effort (without my help) still makes me smile today.

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All of the details: 

Gown: Pearls and Roses Bridal,

Photographer: SDP Media,

Ceremony location: Melbourne Botanical Gardens,

Reception Venue: Crown – River Room,

Shoes: Alan Pinkus,

Bridal accessories: Diamond Earrings and Bracelet – Loaned from Charles Rose

Engagement ring: Charles Rose,

Wedding rings: Charles Rose,

Groom’s attire: Godwin Charli,

Bridesmaid’s outfits: Nicholas

Bridesmaid’s shoes: Tony Bianco,

Bridesmaid’s accessories: Earrings from Witchery,

Groomsmen’s outfit: Godwin Charli,

Flowers and floral decorations: Flower Bowl,

Celebrant: John Van Groningen

Stationery: Bec from Peace Love and Letter Press,

Hair: Rebeccah Vivian from Blondie Hair and Cosmetica,

Make-Up: Rebeccah Vivian from Blondie Hair and Cosmetica,

Cake: My Auntie made it for me

Music: Test Pilot Molly at Reception / Pat Bourke playing at Ceremony,both can be found on

First Night: Crown Towers,

Honeymoon: America

Lolly Bar: Candy Buffet Company,