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November is a good time to look at how the men in our lives are taking care of themselves. Movember has grown into a huge movement both here and overseas in shining a light on mens’ health issues, namely prostate cancer and mental health. Growing a Ned Flanders moustache or a Ned Kelly beard has become a bit of a right of passage for any self-respecting hipster and to do it for a good cause is so hip you need to wear a fedora.

Those who are growing follicles for charity will be doing a little more manscaping this month so I thought I would share with you my top picks from’s  mens grooming department.

Men can take a little prodding when it comes to skincare. I am sure some of you know certain gentlemen who still use a bar of supermarket soap to shave with and then wash hair, body and socks with…..but hopefully the number of grunting, flaky skinned cavemen in your homes is dwindling. They can make an awful mess on the good rug too.

Once men realise that quality products will move their skin up the scale from ‘I need some coarse grit to sand back a sidetable’ to ‘babyskin wrapped in silk sheets’, they won’t go back. Especially if they are shaving frequently, men need to keep on top of moisturising and sun protection like those of us of the lady persuasion.

A good way to get a guy started is with a kit. A man loves a good kit. The Anthony Logistics Shave Kit  has all his travel shaving needs in one place, Just chuck it in the gym bag and go. This kit contains a facial scrub to remove dead skin cells, a pre-shave oil (good for those hipsters with heavy beards), a shave cream full of good things like eucalyptus, aloe vera and hops (do not drink!) and an after shave balm for good luck and post shave moisture. Plus a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Anthony Logistics products is donated to prostate cancer research.

The next is from Kyoku for Men – a skincare range designed specifically for men using ancient Japanese oils along with up-to-the minute scientific ingredients. Their Razor Repair Balm is great for guys with sensitive skin. It can be used prior to shaving to help stop nicks and cuts or after to help stop razor burn. It contains sake (yes, the sake you drink in sushi restaurants) to soften and hydrate the skin whilst shaving and chamomile, witch hazel and aloe for calming and soothing post-shave inflammation.

The last thing is for the serious manscapers. Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel  contains a guy-strength brew of botanicals including rosemary, grape seed and olive oils to heal and hydrate. Instead of a shave foam which goes on white, this is a gel which becomes transparent on the skin so guys wanting to design the perfect handlebar moustache can see where they need to mow the lawn, so to speak.

So let’s get behind all the men folk out there who are doing their bit for Movember this year and wish them the best of hairy luck and hope that not too much food gets caught in those moustaches. We like having our boys around the place and not just for heavy lifting and bed-warming purposes, so let’s help them look after themselves and each other.


Sarah  xo
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