This talented woman can do it all. Rebeccah Vivian is a mother of 8 month- year old Frankie, Makeup and Hairdresser extraordinaire, business owner of Blondie Hair and Cosmetica and now she can add self-taught Interior Designer and Renovator to her resume.

If you thought running your own business whilst being pregnant with your first child was challenging enough, Bec decided to do the unthinkable. She bought and renovated her first home, a beautiful Californian Bungalow. Bec was sanding and decorating mere days before the gorgeous Frankie was born. Being a makeup and hairdresser artist, we knew Bec was creative, but we were truly blown away when we walked into her home, she would give The Block contestants a run for their money! From DIY shelves, floorboards and artwork, Bec has an amazing eye for style and today, Bec talks to us about how she transformed her run down shack into this trendy, modern family home.

SONY DSCWho lives here? I share my humble abode with Frankie, my amazing little human who is 8 months old and Cyril, my naughty squishy faced pooch, a 2 year old British bulldog. We live in absolute chaos, between me running my business, working, being a mumma, renovating and now landscaping but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tell us about this beautiful home as you have recently renovated- I purchased this old Californian Bungalow 12 months ago with the intention of painting inside and moving in until I decided what I wanted to do. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m not sure yet, it ended up turning into a full renovation of the existing house, and because I was pregnant things had to happen very quickly.
I did a lot of the manual labour myself and with the help of friends and family we removed the old laven plaster, ripped up floors, striped paint, general demolition, painted ect. As well as the manual labour I coordinated the trades and came up with the design of the house. I was actually up on a ladder painting window frames the day I went into hospital to have Frankie! It was a major task but I got there in the end and it is so rewarding to see the finished result after months of stress and hard work. 
How was the renovating process? Do you have any tips for our readers? Stick to your guns, it’s your house and you know what you want! I found that trades sometimes didn’t understand my ideas or concepts and tried to talk me into less laborious or more traditional ways of doing things but I knew the exact aesthetic that I wanted and kindly but assertively guided them into my way of thinking. Once the task was completed they were very happy with the result and glad that somebody made them step out of their comfort zone. Always really think out even the smallest things, its great to have a home that looks amazing but it also needs to be functional.

How would you describe your style? Eclectic, messy and ever changing, I love the fusion of traditional and modern.

Where do you find inspiration for your home? My inspiration comes in so many shapes and forms but mainly from everyday life, social media, blogs, pinterest, travel ect.
I tend to pick out small things from rooms or pictures that I see and build a mood board in my head and then put the room together and incorporate those inspo pieces. I sometimes also just start buying little bits and pieces and throw them together, most of the time it just seems to work, not always but sometimes.
I love colour but I have had to rein it in, otherwise I end up with so many colourful things that nothing works together. In this house I have chosen more monochromatic tones and only added colour with things that are interchangeable like cushions.

Where are you shopping right now for your home? I really try to shop locally or Australian made where possible and support the little guys!! I feel you can find more unique trinkets and homewares that are locally produced and not made en mass in boutique stores. My last few purchases have been from Geelong locals such as, and Ballyhoo art in Geelong. I commissioned the street art that I have in my lounge room by a very talented artist in Bali, Oddy Moel and I recently purchased a few Jai Vasicek pieces, a Byron local from

You are so creative and have done a few DIY projects in your home, can you tell us about one/or some of the projects you have done? One of my “downfalls” is that I can never ever sit still. I’m constantly 100 miles per hour, (which is more of an advantage because I get so much done) and I’m always looking for new inspiration or projects to tackle. I recently decided that I would attempt to DIY an African feather JuJu hat. I loved the look of them and needed a statement piece in my hallway but the price of an original JuJu deterred me. My DIY JuJu ended up costing less than half of the original, only took a few hours, looks great and now takes pride of place in my hallway. My next DIY project is going to be painting some large clay pots I recently acquired to plant a herb garden in.
Favourite item in your home? My favourite piece in my home would have to be my “Keen As” limited edition print by my good friend Prudence Caroline from MYNE
The artwork is hung above the restored fireplace in my bedroom and I absolutely love the contrast between the strong and pastel colours. It is quiet a striking piece of artwork but soft enough for a boudoir with the beech timber frame.

What is your favourite room in the house and why? My ensuite is my favourite room in the house, mostly because Frankie and I start our day in there. I was fortunate enough to have enough space so that the ensuite didn’t feel cramped and I made sure that the shower was large enough for two people, he splashes around in the bottom of the shower while I wash my hair!
I spent so much time deliberating on what tiles I would put on the walls that would compliment the patterned floor tiles. I went against the advice of more than one tile salesperson and decided to choose a hexagon mosaic (everybody told me it would be too busy) which I personally think looks great. I also designed two very large mirrored cabinets that are half built into the walls for extra storage, they give the effect of the mirror floating to store my obsession of makeup and hair product.

How do you relax? Relax??? What’s that?? I love spending time with my friends and family as much as I can. Frankie, Cyril and I go for long walks most days but I guess the most relaxed I get is when I’m overseas. I really love to explore the world and I hope to pass on this love of travelling to my son. I really believe that travel teaches people to be more open minded and tolerant but most of all I find so many inspiring things when out of my comfort zone.

Where would we find you on a typical Saturday morning?
On a typical Saturday morning you will find me either out on location for a photo shoot or in my East Geelong salon Blondie hair + cosmetica doing hair & makeup for brides and events.

Five quick questions:
Candles or flowers? Flowers for sure. I get all of my blooms for Blondie and home from the talented team at
Favourite shop? Jardan (one can dream)
Where do you get your coffee? Winters cafe on Pakington street do the best Mocha around, and the seasonally changing menu just gets better everytime.
Favourite travel destination? Mexico
Home cooked meal or takeaway? I love food! I don’t care where I have it, as long as its fresh, delicious and shared with friends.