Our Office style and decorating TIPS with Officeworks

Creating your work environment should be done with the same purpose as if you were decorating other living spaces. Whether you are creating your office space at home or want to spruce up your desk in a cubicle at work, the focus should be on creating a space you love and most importantly want to be in. To achieve this, it’s essential to choose practical office items that align with your individual style and combine them with beautiful personal items which inspire you to do your best work.

Everyone has their own unique sense of style, and curating a space is a great way to have fun within that. Erin and I were both due to update our office essentials so we thought what a perfect opportunity to show you some of our key office and personal items. As you will see in the images below, our styles and ‘must haves’ are very different; I have more of a contemporary look, whilst Erin’s aesthetic is relaxed and minimal. These styles are reflected throughout our daily lives and have been enhanced by Officeworks new minimalist range.  We both enjoy updating our office space regularly, so the minimalist products are a perfect fit for us, as they are sleek and sophisticated and can be easily integrated with our own personal items.

To help create a space which is more in line with your individual style, Officeworks has introduced four new and distinctive style groups –Vintage Cool, Bright & Bold, Minimalist and Clean & Natural. Basically this means you can coordinate everything from your office furniture, tech accessories and stationery, curating a distinct look or playing with a combination of aesthetics. The new style ranges also cater to any budget, so there is now no reason why you can’t make your dream office a reality!

Our simple office tips to get you started:

Organisation: Everything should have its own place and a purpose. If you don’t use it, chuck it!

Storage: Having great storage keeps your area looking neat and tidy and thus makes you feel more organized and relaxed.

Colour tones: Use art and objects to bring together your colour tones, your colour choices also reflect your personality and the vibe you wish your workplace to represent.

Be realistic: Get to know your space and the realistic items that will fit into the space. The size of your products must match the available space you have. Choose the essentials first and then decorate with accessories that will compliment that space rather than clutter it and distract you.

Below you will find examples of Erin and my office styles – they feature a mixture of our own personal items and office essentials that can be found at Officeworks. We encourage you to take us on your own style journey by using #MoreMyStyle on social media – we can’t wait to see what you create! 





Erin’s Officeworks Essentials:

Giants HEX Pencils $1.89 each

PK 3 Micador 1600 Paint Brushes $2.56

Pen Cup Cloth Contemporary Blue $8.99

Santa Vittoria PK6 Sparkling Mineral Water 750ml $8.22

Ecowise A4 WTF 2015 Diary $23.90

2 High A4 Landscape Document Drawers Paper Finish $24.99

A4 Slim Document Boxes Blue Cloth finish $14.99

Magazine File Blue Cloth finish $14.99

X A5 Kraft Notebook 60 Page $1.99 each




Emma’s Officeworks Essentials:

2 High A4 Landscape Document Drawers Black Cloth Finish $29.99

White Document Tray $9.99

Quartet Tin Cube Whiteboard 290x290mm $8.00

Black Decorative Washi Tape $2.00 each

YA–X 10 Digital Desk Calculator White $16.99

PK4 Sharpie Fine Markers Black $8.86

3 Pack Cahier Large Ruled Notebooks $19.95

A5 WTV Leather 2015 Diary Black $19.95

Logi Ipad Ultrathin Keyboard Cover $78.00