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Well, Spring Carnival fun is just around the corner and outfits are in the planning so, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite mini must-haves from . These hand bag essentials will keep you as fresh as a daisy whilst at the racetrack.

Let’s face it, staying lovely for a full day watching the foals and fillies is an endurance event. From the second you jump out your front gate to you need to be prepared for all possibilities that spring weather and champagne can throw at you. It could be bakingly hot or it could be saturation city. I once saw a group of girls wearing garbage bags over their beautiful florally frocks one of those wet, wet, wet Melbourne Cup days. I’m not advocating going to that extreme because, really, who besides Zoolander can pull off derelicte chic?

Still, you don’t want to be so prepared that you’re weighed down with a clutch the size of a horse’s rear end. That’s where a few mini size goodies with multi-tasking abilities can help with some common complaints on race day. Read on, help is at hand!

I know if I have paid for a professional to do my makeup, I don’t want to look into the mirrors at Flemington and see it sliding down my face. That’s where Air Repair’s Facial Mist comes in. This is a refreshing and toning mist that’s full of good herbs like chamomile and calendula and it also doubles as a setting spray. I use it at home to set my makeup, then pop it in my bag for quick spritzes during the day to freshen up my face, especially if it’s warm. Remember…horses sweat, men perspire, ladies glow.

Which brings me to my next mini wonder, MBeze’s Deodorettes. I love these gorgeous little cosmetic deodorant twist sticks that are handmade in the USA with natural and organic ingredients. They are free from nasties that can irritate your delicate underarm skin such as aluminium, proplyne glycol and parabens. A little trip to the ladies room for a quick application throughout the day will keep you feeling and smelling fresh. Remember…horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glow. Yes I did write that twice.

My final MiniBarCo must have is Herban Essential’s Lavender Refresher Towelette. These purse friendly, individually-wrapped wipes are made with the highest quality pure lavender essential oil, making them naturally anti-bacterial and antiseptic. I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of having these on hand to wipe my hands with after I’ve been handling all that cash I’ve won from the bookies. They also come in lemon and eucalyptus oil sachets but I like the lavender ones best. If I haven’t been quite as lucky and have lost all my money, the lavender oil acts as a de-stresser and will soothe my troubled nerves. They remove make up too, handy for touch up emergencies throughout the day such as smudged eyeliner or lippy applied through a champagne filter.

Last but not least, take some strips of double-sided tape for quick wardrobe fixes, a few spare Panadol , a couple of bandaids and put some gel pads in your shoes so you don’t have to commit the cardinal sin of race day… the walk of shame carrying your shoes.

Happy Racing!


Sarah  xo

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