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BEAUTY: ‘Sick of winter- bring on Spring’ with WLT Beauty contributor Sarah Scott

We are so excited to introduce our newest team member to you all, WLT Beauty Contributor Sarah Scott. Sarah is a mum on a mission with the expertise to go with it.

Ever since she stole her mum’s Nivea Cold Creme to try as a little girl, Sarah has been fascinated with skincare and beauty. Her own skincare journey has seen her experiment with everything from budget rosehip oils to high end Creme de la Mer products, and everything in between.

After working as a dermatology nurse in both London and Australia for 8 years and as the owner of, an online boutique offering travel size beauty products, Sarah knows what to look for in a skincare range. The ingredients left out of skincare products can be just as important as the ingredients contained within. Sarah is always looking for products that maintain a good balance between science and nature… and gorgeous packaging is a must.

Once a month Sarah will give her tips for maintaining beautiful skin. Enjoy Sarah’s first article “Sick of winter- bring on Spring”.

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This is my first post as guest beauty contributor for Who Loves That and I am excited at being part of the WLT family. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on keeping your skin healthy through the seasons, products that I love and any helpful hints on how to be the best version of yourself. This week, let’s talk about looking after our ‘sick of winter- bring on spring’ skin.

We’ve seen a sneak peek of spring over the last week and it is so nice to know that a string of sunny days is just around the corner. However, if you are like me you will still have the heating set on tropical for those mornings when winter reminds us it hasn’t quite left yet. This is literally sucking the life out of my skin. Lifeless skin equals dull skin equals sad face. The same goes when you are at the mercy of the office air con.

So the first step is water. The dermatologist I used to work for in Brisbane always said to me that the best advice he could ever give anyone on skincare was ‘drink water, water and more water’. We’ve all heard that a million times but it is true, skincare starts from within. The best way to hydrate is to have a bottle with you and sip from it regularly. The body absorbs water better that way, rather than trying to absorb big gulps infrequently. I find those Voss glass water bottles are good to refill and I often put some slices of lemon in because it makes me feel virtuous and detox-y.

Next step is finding a good moisturiser to use day and night. You want one that doesn’t contain any parabens, petroleum or mineral oil – all of which can irritate and strip moisture from your skin. This is especially important if you are like me and have sensitive skin. Look for products with plant-based oils such as rosehip, flaxseed, borage and aloe as these are intensely moisturising and gentle on skin. Another botanical skin hero is the humble tea leaf so look for green, white or black tea extracts as these contain lots of anti-oxidants and can help reduce inflammation. I like to think that my skin loves a cup of tea as much as I do. Chamomile and lavender are other great soothing ingredients for your skin.

What I have been using everyday to combat my winter skin sad face is a moisturiser from a San Francisco based skincare company, Air Repair. Denise Spanek, a US beauty industry veteran, founded Air Repair because she wanted products that were specifically designed to combat environmental stresses on the skin such as the harsh conditions of airline travel and office air-con.

Air Repair’s Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer has been my facial life saver this winter. It absorbs easily, doesn’t leave me with greasy palms and is tailored for skin that is dull, tired and dehdydrated. Words none of us want to use about our skin. The Air Repair Moisturizer is full of botanical goodness along with hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin retain moisture and it contains the amazing sounding cloudberry oil. Nevermind that cloudberry oil is full of vitamins and is a powerful antioxidant, it just sounds lovely and light and fluffy. Now those are words I like for my skin!

I’ve been using it not only as my go-to moisturiser but also as mask for a more intensive treatment. I pop it on for 10-15 minutes, grab a good book or a trashy mag, maybe even a little treat (salted caramel Tim Tam, anyone?) and kick back whilst it goes to work. Introducing a little mini-facial into your skin care routine once a week with your favourite moisturiser will help get your winter skin ready for spring and all the fun it brings.


Sarah XO

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