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For those of who follow Who Loves That on instagram, you will know that I have recently been to Morocco. This is the first post of my Moroccan travel diary series and I am thrilled to share it with you.

To kick off the travel diary series I thought I would share the wonderful cooking class that my sister, mum and I took part in. My sister is an exceptional cook and I am a shocking cook (happy to admit it), but this class managed to cater both ends of the spectrum.

Cafe Clock  was the very funky cooking school we attended, you can simply enjoy the wonderful food at the cafe if you dont wish to take part in their cooking school. After meeting our head chef and helper who were very funny and laid back (we called them the hipster Moroccans) we chose the meals we wanted to cook and then they took us on a short trip to the markets where we purchased our ingredients as they told us more about the food. Once we returned to the cafe we started cooking (roughly for three hours). During the cooking, there were plenty of laughs and jokes shared along with some delicious taste testing (mainly by me).

Once the food was ready, we sat down and enjoyed our wonderful three course meal. Stay tuned for next week, as I will be sharing the delicious authentic Moroccan dishes that we made, including step by step recipes.

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Website: Cafe Clock

Price: Fair and reasonable

Food: 8/10

Overall experience: 9/10