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We are very excited to be collaborating with Target over the next few months. We will showcase Targets beautiful products for the Home and Office and also bring you some fashion trends and baby care neccessitites for your little ones.

This month I was lucky enough to go shopping for my new bub (due in November) and pick up some baby essentials.

After giving birth to my first son Archie, I received some amazing gifts from family and friends. Majority of the gifts included clothes, soft toys and blankets. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated everything that was given to me as Archie arrived 6 weeks early and I hadn’t bought a thing as yet, plus he was the best dressed baby going around but I also found that I was forever needing baby products that were essential for everyday use.

After this I had a lot of girlfriends having their first babies. I decided that instead of purchasing clothes, blankets or toys I would instead create my own DIY hampers as baby gifts. The hampers included shampoo’s, baby lotion, nail clippers, spoons, bowls, wipes and any other new baby essentials. I displayed all the products into a large basket and WOW I had a beautiful gift. The great thing about DIY hampers is that you can cater the hamper to any cost and it still looks like a substantial present.

Happy Shopping!


The below hamper cost me $150 and I couldn’t believe the amount of products I was able to get. All products featured in the below hampers are available at Target. photo 2SONY DSCChange Time Hamper:

Curash Baby Wipes $5.00, Sudocrem $7.00, Johnsons Baby Powder $5.00, Johnsons Baby Cotton Buds $3.00, Johnsons Baby Oil $6.00, Rubber Duck $2.00

Total Cost $28.00

SONY DSCBath Time Hamper: 

Johnsons Baby Oil $6.00, Johnsons Baby Shampoo $6.00, Johnsons Baby Lotion $5.50, Johnsons Baby Powder $5.00, Dream Baby Bath Tub Thermometer $12.00, Safety First Brush and Comb Set $5.00, Rubber Duck $2.00

Total Cost $41.50

SONY DSCFeeding Time Hamper: 

Closer to Nature Explorer Weaning Spoon $10.00, Closer to Nature Explorer Cup $12.00, Closure to Nature Explorer Weaning bowl $10.00, Closer to Nature Explorer Pop up Freezer Pots $10.00

Total Cost $42.00

Classic Clothes Hamper:SONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC

Boys: Long Sleeve Tee $8.00, Newborn Trackpants $7.00

Girls: Long Sleeve Tee $4.00, Leggings $4.80


Bird Print Cotton Jumpsuit $10.00,    Girls Glitter Spot Jumpsuit $10.00,   Triangle Print Jumpuit $10.00

Safety 1st Essentials:SONY DSC

Safety 1st Nail Clippers $7.00, Safety 1st Brush and Comb Set $5.00, Safety 1st Digital Thermometer $12.00

Additional Extras:SONY DSC

3 pack essential vests $5.00, Pack of 3 Flannelette Wraps $10.00, Playgro Activity Friend Puppy $20.00