I can’t tell you how many times I have read skincare features in magazines and blogs only to feel more confused and bad about myself. I mean how many times do I have to read that this person has “naturally good skin” but  I should “try this” or look at people who have uploaded photos of themselves without any makeup on looking amazing to their instagram or blogs just to feel even worse about myself?

Before you read this interview I wanted to preface by saying I have had bad skin my whole life. Actually year 11 and 12 were good (oddly enough), but apart from those years, it has been a constant battle. I thought the older we got the better your skin was meant to get? Apparently not for me, but don’t worry there is light at the end of this article.

I recently met with Joanne Auld, Co- founder and managing director of Pamper Clinic and the driving force behind The Skincare Company to discuss what I could do for my skin. (This was not the first time I have met with someone, I can’t tell you how many consultations and skincare products I have tried).

After my consultation with Jo she recommended a range of amazing Skincare Company products for me and they are honestly working. It’s an ongoing process and I need to be strict with my routine and other habits like drinking more water etc. but I can already see the results and I’m starting to feel more confident (not enough to go makeup free but I’m honestly getting there).

Since using the Skincare Company products and meeting Jo, I wanted to pass on her wisdom and advice to you all. Read on to find out more about The Skincare Company’s products and all of Jo’s tips and tricks for healthy looking skin.



The Skincare Company is….

A luxurious and affordable medical skincare range made right here in Australia. Our products are created by our bio-physicist here in Victoria and overseen my myself, and my business partner – plastic surgeon Dr Peter Callan.

We offer high performance skincare with more active ingredients than most products on the market. One of our clients actually refers to the range as her “Porsche without the price tag”!

What’s the science behind the range and how can it help improve skin?

Peter and I co-own Pamper Medical Skin Clinic in Newtown. After years of clinical feedback and working with a variety of products we felt it was time to develop our own range. Our bio-physicist specialises in research of nutrition and anti-aging medicine so combined with Peter’s plastic surgery expertise and my clinical experience we felt we had the perfect blend of skills.

Our formations are based around the ‘key players’ in skin rejuvenation, including antioxidants, anti inflammatory agents, skin hydrators and protectors. By using these hero ingredients, our products are able to build a more resilient skin, ensure maximum hydration, smoother texture, lighter and brighter complexion, alongside all the anti-aging benefits that come from using these ingredients.

Which was the first product you decided to create and what was the reason behind it?

We actually went into development with the intention of building an entire range. I felt it was important to offer our patients a complete solution. This is a personal business and our patients are very loyal so I feel it’s my duty to provide them with the best skincare possible.

To start we picked four essential products, which included: a soap free cleanser, moisturiser with SPF, morning antioxidant serum and a night exfoliating serum. From here we specialised and expanded the range, incorporating further serums targeting specific skin conditions.

We launched The Skincare Company in 2009 and have been using products in our clinic ever since. This has enabled us to refine the products and we are bursting with pride from the results they can achieve!

What are the hero products from the range and why?

Our patients absolutely love the Exfoliant Serum! This product is used in the evening following your cleansing. People are always surprised that they see overnight results with their skin looking and feeling refreshed, clearer and brighter. Who wouldn’t love that? ;)

(EC: The Exfoliant Serum is my favourite)

What is the best way to achieve that beautiful skin ‘glow’ beauty insiders talk about?

You should never underestimate the role of sunscreen and high quality skincare in keeping your skin looking light, bright and plump. The quality of your skin comes from a good skincare routine that incorporates compounds that are clinically proven to have significant effect on anti-aging, such as: Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, Vitamin A, Niacinamide and Vitamin C (preferably L-ascorbic). We build our range on these key ingredients because they work.

Of course you can get even better results if you incorporate monthly treatments into your skincare routine such as Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Laser colour correction and for appropriate clients, anti-wrinkle injections can help to achieve this healthy glow.

What made you realise that you wanted to create your own skincare products? 

I have a face-to-face relationship with my patients so it’s critical the products I prescribe actually work, and they continue to trust in my recommendations. Some of them have been with me for over 15 years!

Over the years I have used and recommended many products, with a dream of developing my own range that draws on my personal clinical experience. We’re proud of our range and I’m always excited to share it with people.


What is your must-have product from the Skincare range and why?

Vitamin A is the essential ingredient to all skincare regimes. Vitamin A normalises skin, stimulates collagen production, smooths fine lines and retextures the skin. Its also the most researched of all the skincare ingredients related to anti-aging.

Walk us through your daily beauty routine: can you list the products you religiously use in the morning, during daytime and in the evening and why.

Active/Daily Cleanser
HB5 and Vitamin C serum
Moisturiser with SPF

Active/Daily Cleanser
Exfoliant serum
(alternate nights)
Vitamin A anti-
aging cream (alternate nights)

Is there a skin-care regimen that everyone should follow?

All regimes differ slightly, depending on your skin type. Essentially I believe that if you are not using a combination of antioxidants, SPF and skin hydrators your skin will suffer from the effects of the sun and the natural aging process.


What anti-aging tips do you have to address the various stages of aging? 

20’s –Begin to develop a skincare routine, protect your skin from the sun every day and don’t sunbake! Drink lots of water to cleanse and hydrate your skin.

30’s – Introduce essential antioxidants into your skincare regime & seek advice from your Dermatologist or skincare professional on anti-aging preventative measures, including peels and noninvasive dermal treatments.

40’s – Consider non surgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox and Dermal fillers to compliment your skincare regime. Attempting to clear signs of aging such as pigmentation and vascular lesions with the use of laser treatments, can also greatly improve the appearance of your skin.

50+ – Ensure you maintain the right proportion of facial volume through the use of dermal fillers to keep a youthful plump appearance. and collagen stimulating treatments such as skin needling and Fraxel

All the details you need?
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Photography by Nikole Ramsey