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Instead of a fortune cookie, we show you how to make your own surprise message using an egg. Perfect for children’s birthday or table gifts and maybe could even be an additional surprise from the Easter Bunny in a few weeks?

What you will need:

  • Egg(s)
  • Pin
  • Paper and pen
  • Paint (we have used two pastel paints)
  • Paint brush
  • Cotton bud
  • Gift box (optional)



1. Using your pin punch a hole into the top and bottom of the egg, and blow the egg yolk and whites into the sink.

2. Using a small paint brush paint your egg and leave to dry. (Repeat if necessary)

3. Using your cotton bud and other coloured paint dab small dots over your egg and leave to dry.

4. Cut your paper into a small long rectangle shape and write your message onto the paper.

5. Roll up the paper into a tight cylinder shape and push it through the holes of your egg.

6. Place the egg into your gift box and write a message “crack me open”

7. Enjoy the surprised look of the recipient you gave your egg to. step onestep threestep fivestep six 2step sevenstep eightfinal 2final 1