Imagine, Create, Achieve with Officeworks: CREATE A HOMEWORK STATION

Our third Imagine, Create, Achieve with Officeworks project is a fun and interactive DIY homework station for the kids. Use the Easter Break to get creative with your child(ren) with this fun DIY. The kids will love making their own homework station and will be excited to welcome in the new school term.

We show you how.

Your Officeworks Shopping List: 

Scotch Heavy Duty clear mounting tape RRP $10.38

Celco letter stencil RRP $7.98

Deskworks adult scissors RRP $2.88

Quill PVC foam board RRP $16.98

Velcro stick on mini dots in white RRP $5.41

Esselte drawing pins RRP $4.27

Sharpie fine permanent marker RRP $1.93

Quill coloured envelopes RRP $5.97

Quill coloured card RRP &7.78

Dinner plate, computer, printer DSCN4386


1. On your computer, type the themes of the activities you wish to have on the homework board. We used: ‘what’s the time?’, ‘what’s the weather?’ and ‘today is…’ Use a fun font and add some colour to the words by highlighting letters in different shades.DSCN4120

2. Select pictures and shapes for the ‘what’s the weather?’ section. Think sunny, rainy, storming, hot, snow, nighttime etc. so you’ve got all areas covered.


3. Print the letters, and carefully cut them out. Grab your thick paper, and cut frames large enough to house your letters in, and glue the words onto the cardboard frames.


4. Cut three envelopes in half and seal them, leaving you with six mini envelopes. These will hold the days of the week, date, month, year and images of the weather.


5. Have a play on your board with the positioning of your activities. Once you’re happy, use your velcro dots to stick the envelopes and words on the board.


6. On a separate piece of cardboard, trace the outline of your dinner plate to form the shape of your clock. Once your circle is complete, use your scissors and cut around the outside.


7. Use your number stencil and a thin black Texta to draw the numbers 1-12 around the face of your clock.DSCN4381

8. Using a different coloured piece of cardboard, cut the two hands of your clock (one larger than the other), then pin onto the centre of the clock with your drawing pins.

DSCN4385DSCN4383 DSCN4382

9. Place your days of the week, months, and weather images etc. in their envelopes, and place the homework station on top of your desk!DSCN4145

Good to go!

DSCN4376 copy   DSCN4377

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