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Cute bookends are easy to create with a little imagination. We show you the simple steps to transform some plastic kids toys into these bookends.

what you need

What you will need:

2 x planks of untreated pine wood of the same measurement. (or wood of your choice. Just make sure it is heavy enough to support your books).

Spray paint or paint, we used a mixture.

Paint brush

Hot glue gun

Animal Toys (We used a selection of plastic animal toys from Kmart).

OPTIONAL: Scissors and masking tape. If you wish to cut your animals in half and stick on the sides of the wood or masking tape  if you wish to create a pattern using your paint on your planks of  wood. Refer to image at the bottom of the page.



1. Spraypaint or paint your planks of wood and toys and leave to dry. Repeat this process if needed.

Step one

2. Paint the finer details on the animals to ensure a proper coverage.

step two

3. Mark out the areas where your toys will be placed on the plank of wood.

step three

4. Using your hot glue gun, carefully glue your object to the top of your wood. Leave to dry.

step four

5. Place a selection of books within your new bookends and enjoy.

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elephants DSC01296

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