Growing up in Australia we never really experienced Halloween, although the North American holiday is becoming increasingly popular in Australia now. And why not! It is a great excuse to indulge in some fun crafts, costumes and treats!

These instructions come courtesy of our Canadian friends – Pascale and Pierre-Luc.

final v1

What you will need:

x1 large pumpkin

x1 marking pen

x1 large sharp knife

x1 large metal spoon

x1 small knife

x1 tea light candle


1. Find a design for the front of your pumpkin (a simple google search will provide plenty of inspiration)

2. Lay out some newspaper or plastic sheeting onto the floor (you will make a mess)

3. Cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin with your large knife, making sure to keep the top intact (this will form a lid)

4. Using a large metal spoon and your hands scoop out all of the seeds and flesh (keep the seeds to roast in the oven – they make a yummy snack)

step v6

5. Try to remove as much of the flesh as possible (this will help to prevent the pumpkin from going rotten)

6. Draw you design on the pumpkin side (use the side that is the nicest/flattest looking)

steps v5

7. Carefully with your small knife carve out the features of the face.


8. Place a small tea light candle into the pumpkin, light it, place the ‘lid’/top of your pumpkin back into place and enjoy your handiwork!

final v3